One of the hydrotherapy tables at Great Bear Natural Medicine Clinic.

One of the hydrotherapy tables at Great Bear Natural Medicine Clinic.

This method of natural water treatment that consists of a series of hot and cold towel compresses to the chest, abdomen and back while covered in warm, wool blankets. These applications occur alongside the use of electrotherapy to enhance the effects on digestion, elimination and immune system function.

Constitutional hydrotherapy gently stimulates the digestive tract, including the stomach, liver and bowels, immune system, spinal column and associated nerves, kidneys and the respiratory system. This improves the digestion and breakdown of food and enhances the mobilization and elimination of toxins. As toxins are eliminated, healthy function can once again exist through normal physiologic function, which is the outcome of constitutional treatments.

Over 100 years of historical naturopathic use has demonstrated hydrotherapy to be safe, effective and useful for both acute and chronic health problems.

Why is healthy digestive function so important to health? Dr. O.G. Carroll illustrates this perfectly with the following quote:

Health must at all times come from and be maintained by digested foods. Naturopathic physicians understand this principle and use it to repair the damage done to organs, tissues and cells which have become depleted of the necessary constructive elements. These necessary elements can only come from digested foods. After a food is digested, it goes through a process of assimilation which converts it into nutrition which is carried by the circulation to every organ, tissue and cell. Remember, this process first begins with the digestion of food, and no drugs yet offered can rectify damage done by failure of digestion. (Kirchfeld, F., Boyle, W. Nature Doctors: Pioneers in Naturopathic Medicine. Buckeye Naturopathic Press, East Palestine, Ohio;1994. p 251.)

What conditions can constitutional hydrotherapy treat?

Hydrotherapy is an effective way to activate the immune system and detoxify the body. This therapy is used for treating acute conditions such as colds and flus, as well as chronic conditions such as arthritis, colitis, or high blood pressure. By acting on every system to stimulate healing and detoxification, constitutional hydrotherapy is very rarely contraindicated for treatment.

Dr. Taylor Seier maintains a constitutional hydrotherapy practice at Great Bear Natural Medicine Clinic and recommends this treatment for many patients as a healing and detoxification tool.

Please watch the following brief video by Dr. Thomas Kruzel, ND on constitutional hydrotherapy.