We (Dr. Taylor and Dr. Kyli) encourage patients to utilize email as a way of updating us about your progress or letting us know about urgent concerns that arise.

However, please understand that time does not allow us to respond to each of the dozens of emails we receive from patients every day. We devote our time in the clinic to our scheduled patients, and must attend to our email largely after work hours. We ask that you respect the following guidelines when corresponding with us via email.

  1. If you are writing to update one or both of us about your symptoms, please put the word “Update” in the subject of your email.

  2. If you are requesting a reply to a question or concern in your email, put the words “Patient Question” in the subject and please allow 2 days for a reply, on average.

  3. If you have an urgent question, one that needs a response within 24 hours, please put the words “Urgent Patient Question” in the subject. We ask that you only use this subject for questions that are truly urgent.

  4. If you have not received a reply within 2 days (or within 24 hours for urgent questions), please send a reminder email with the words “Patient Reminder” in the subject. In the body of the email, please reiterate the question or concern about which you are waiting for a reply. You can do this by forwarding the original email if you like.

  5. Email should be used for providing updates or getting quick clarification about your care. If you have a new or ongoing concern, please schedule an office visit or phone consultation so that we can address those. Email replies by Dr. Taylor or Dr. Kyli that require more than 10 minutes to write will be billed as follows: Email that requires 10-15 minutes is billed at $45; 16-30 minutes is billed at $90.

  6. Please do not ask for treatment advice related to a new condition in an email. For example, if you are under care for cancer and you experience a sinus infection, please schedule a visit to address that new issue. Email cannot be used as a surrogate for office visits with respect to new symptoms and is used solely for questions or concerns specifically brought up during an office visit. If falling outside of this range or if you are unable to find information on your own, a scheduled office appointment is needed.

Even with these guidelines in place, it is important you understand that attending to email is necessarily a secondary focus for Dr. Taylor and Dr. Kyli. Attention is always given first to scheduled patients. If you are frustrated by a lack of response via email, please schedule an office visit.

Email responses also do not ensure privacy of information and require your written consent prior to initiating communication so that both parties understand the inherent risk of information release with email communications.