Naturopathic Medicine. The original medicine.

Naturopathic care is based on principles that ease suffering and restore health. As a naturopathic doctor, Dr. Seier takes the time to investigate and assess problems on a very holistic level. Many symptoms, syndromes and disease states occur when the body is out of balance and cannot respond or are blocked in the correct way to heal. Naturopathic care aims to address disease at its root and apply gentle, supportive and healing therapies that encompass the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical well being of a person. 

Naturopathic medicine is not just about the medicines I choose.

When naturopathic medicine is used to assess and treat a medical condition, an order of interventions are used to restore the body to a healthy balance. There are principles that exist in naturopathic medicine that provide an approach to every condition to allow the treatment to be as safe and effective as possible. 

Therapeutic order to healing:

  1. Remove obstacles to health
  2. Stimulate the Vis (the internal healing or life force)
  3. Strengthen weakened systems
  4. Correct structural integrity
  5. Use natural substances to restore and regenerate
  6. Use pharmacological substances to halt progressive pathology
  7. Use high force, invasive modalities: surgery, radiation, chemotherapy

Without addressing the first two steps with every condition, improvement is usually incomplete or transitory.

By following this approach, the most effective means of healing the body are chosen and combined. Further assessment throughout treatment reveals a path to healing appreciated by the response of the body to naturopathic medicines.

"The "natural" of natural medicine is not primarily in the preferred agents or therapies used. It is more fundamentally in the alignment of the intervention with the vital force, the therapeutic relationship, and the consciousness of both patient and practitioner." Mitch Stargrove, ND

Dr. Seier treats people, not conditions. As people have individualized presentations of problems with the eyes, ears, mouth, nose, skin, gut, heart, vessels, lungs, muscles, bones, brain, etc., Dr Seier works to assess the individual and apply treatment to the characteristics of each original expression of an illness.