Below are the services provided at the Great Bear Natural Medicine Clinic.


Dietetics and Nutrition.

Diet and digestion contribute to every illness and disease. Dr. Seier makes use of the Carroll food intolerance evaluation to guide corrections in diet and promote the foundations of health. Gut healing support and constitutional hydrotherapy are also provided to assist healing and the removal of digestive disturbance.


A treatment for all stages of life, homeopathy is the practice of using dilute forms of medicine to stimulate the ability of the body to heal itself. Dr. Seier has undertaken advanced training in this natural modality and applies it after carefully after gathering a detailed history on a complaint. From depression and anxiety, ear infections, menopausal symptoms, influenza and bronchitis, homeopathy is a treatment for many conditions.



Herbal (Plant) Medicine

This is the use of plants in the form of tinctures (liquids) or capsules to effectively reduce symptoms and restore balance, health and vitality in the body. Dr. Seier provides custom prescriptions and mixtures of herbal remedies to his patients.

Constitutional Hydrotherapy

Constitutional hydrotherapy is time-tested method for stimulating the immune system and achieving total body detoxification. The procedure, invented by Dr. O.G Carroll, referred to it as "constitutional" because it improved the constitution of each and every cell in the body. This means that each individual cell increases its capacity to take in nutrients, dump wastes and work more efficiently and effectively. This procedure involves alternating hot and cold towels on the chest and back with accompanying electrical stimulation to the organs of digestion and elimination. 

hydro table.jpeg



The use of needles to activate organs, move energy and blood, and tonify the body has been used effectively for thousands of years. Dr. Seier makes use of Dr. Tan’s Balance Method to treat pain and other symptomatic conditions.

Intravenous Therapy and Injections

Through the use of direct venous access, vitamins, minerals and nutrients can be delivered at concentrations above and beyond what can be taken by mouth. Therapies include Myer's vitamin and mineral infusions and high-dose vitamin C. Intramuscular injections include vitamin B12.



Heavy Metal Chelation

Heavy metals (mercury, lead, cadmium, arsenic, etc.) and their contribution to illness are first identified through a thorough history, physical exam, and diagnostic labs (urine, blood or hair). The removal of these metals is known as "chelation" and is performed under supervision by Dr. Seier through either oral or intravenous agents, such as DMSA or EDTA, respectively.